Sunday, October 27, 2013

Truvia: product review

     I received 2 sample packets of Truvia to Test for a company called Crowdtap. For those who don't know Truvia is a sugar substitute. And if you didn't know I'm currently dieting so this was a great opportunity for me to try something I can use. I mean I love sugar but don't need all the extra calories. 
     Since I'm not familiar with the taste I decided to test it in my morning coffee! The other packet went to my best friend who is an avid coffee drinker but uses another sugar substitute. So how did the Truvia stand up?
     I tried Truvia in my morning coffee. I did need both packets to sweeten my coffee. But the coffee tasted great! I have tried a few other brands of sugar substitute and I find this to not have an odd aftertaste like some. So I guess you can say I'm sold on a new Sugar substitute. Thanks for reading my Babble and have a nice day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Loreal Magic Nude review and other Loreal products I won!

During a recent Twitter party I won three months of Magic Nude foundation from Loreal and She Speaks. Yes that's 3 bottles of foundation! Also in my prize pack was Voluminous Million Lashes mascara, Colour Riche Le gloss lip gloss,  Colour Riche eye shadow quad, and two nail colors.
     Well as you may know I'm huge on Makeup so this was an awesome prize. And I love Loreal! So what did I think about the Magic Nude liquid powder foundation? I loved it! It does what it says it goes on when and drys like a powder. I didn't even need to put any powder on after if was done. Which is what I normally do. On days that I don't wanna put on my makeup. I just apply this and a little concealer and go! My skin looks flawless! I get so many complements on my skin. It's a great feeling! And I'm honest with people and say thank you but it's all makeup lol. 
     Now on to the makeup. The eyeshadow I was given was the Blue Haute Couture from the Colour Riche line. It's a high pigment line from Loreal which I haven't tried til now. At first I looked at it like it's green and blue. I wasn't sure how that would look on me. I have hazel eyes and fair skin. I knew the green would be ok but wasn't sure about the blue. I don't normally wear blue eyeshadow. But since the kit is made to go together. I decided why not! And I have to say it looked GREAT! And I was worried! 
     Now on to the mascara. I have to admit there are a million mascaras in my makeup bag. I never find one I like. And some have cost me over $20 a tube. So what did I think of Voluminous Million lashes? It really does seperate your lashes! I have long lashes but when I put on mascara I always look like I have like a dozen lashes. This product separated them. I even used it on my bottom lashes. I rarely use mascara there because it normally looks clumpy. This didn't!
     So I also received the Color Riche Le gloss in clear. It had a great vanilla smell and left my lips looking glossy. Speaking of glossy so was the Loreal nail color. Usually I need a top coat to make my nails look glossy. But this had it built in.
     In all I loved all the products! Thank you She Speaks and Loreal. I also posted a pic of the makeup done. I used all the products listed! However, being new to the IPhone the pic is a lil heavy on the flash. But trust me this looked great! I just wish I didn't waste looking this fabulous on staying at home. Lol! Thank you for stopping by and reading my babble!  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IPhone Vs Galaxy: A Non-techies review!

     Let me first say that I do love new phones, tablets and the latest technology. But when it comes to reviews I get lost in them. Snapdragon, gingerbread, a processor with numbers as confusing as pi. 3.14159 bet you didn't know I could remember that! Haha! But in all seriousness I just wanna know will it do what I need to. And I don't mean just calls and text. If that was the case we would all still have those sturdy Nokia phones we had ten years ago. 
     So what do I need a phone to do for me? EVERYTHING! I mean if it could cook dinner I'd marry it. Ok single girl problem. Lol! But in all seriousness I need a phone to take pictures, hold all the apps I need and there are a lot. Plus not freeze up when I'm doing multiple tasks. Don't get me wrong I've never met a phone I couldn't freeze up at least occasionally. I multitask like crazy. My phone needs to move as fast as my brain. Which some days feels like it has ADD. Texting and all of a sudden I forgot to Tweet something or oh crap I didn't publish my blog. Hey it happens! Plus the things I do on my phone via the internet. I need to have a way to be on a desktop site through my phone. I have written my blog via my phone and even done my Taxes. Yes I did have good security program and my laptop was broke. So any port in a storm. So I need a phone to do it all. Plus I have six email addresses, four Twitter accounts, three Instagram accounts, two Tumblrs, four Facebook fan pages, two Pintrest accounts and access to four personal Facebook accounts. If your wondering why so much. My brother isn't as tech savvy as myself so I tend to help him with his sites. 
     At this point your wondering what phones I've had to be able to do these things? In the last few years I've had the Samsung Epic, IPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. Currently I have an IPhone 5. The phone I had the longest and wish I still had was an The Galaxy S3. It broke about 3 weeks ago and I was given an IPhone by a friend. I needed something to hold me over til after the holidays. I'm a single Mom so unless Santa wants to bring me a Galaxy 10.1 tab or a Note 3 I'm stuck in an Apple world til March. Yes I know there are millions of IPhone fans however I am not one of them. Most apps you can get for both Apple and android, things like Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest. What I did notice that some apps are better on different operating systems! Like Blogger I can write my blog via either phone. But with the IOS (IPhone) system I can only post via Google+ I don't even use google plus! I have it, just to have. That was a major downer because it takes forever for me to post now. I also ran into this sharing photos from Facebook. It can't just be a couple of clicks to share. Also the two apps I use to edit pictures and make collages don't allow for as detailed edits on the IOS system. Also the Twitter app lags more on IOS. Finally my biggest problem is going on websites thru my phone. And getting in desktop mode via my phone was amazingly easy with my Galaxy phones. I mean a lot of times sites like Twitter will post a link to Facebook. When I get there all I find is page not found. However on the Galaxy when this would happen I'd click the desktop button, POOF the page would reload and everything I need would be there.I do have to note I'm on the Sprint network in Chicago, where it's 4G LTE too. And for ppl like me that means fast internet😊
     Now I know Apple tried to to compete with Android with it's IOS7 update that included Multiscreen and other bells and whistles that are available to android people. But in all honestly I didn't use them on my Galaxy either. I do have to admit I do like the IMessage on my IPhone but with like only 5 people who have it. That's not something I need. Plus with BBM available to everyone you can have a similar experience. So basically if you use your phone to do multitask I'd go with the Galaxy family. I can't wait to get back to mine. You hear that Santa? Thanks for reading my babble💋

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twitter Parties: Been there done that and won!

   Lately I've keep getting the question of how do keep earning free stuff? Well if you read my previous blog I decided to try my hand at Twitter parties. For those who don't know what that is: it's a chat on Twitter, usually lasting an hour. Most have prizes. Some range from gift cards to gifts from the sponcers of the event. 
  At first I was intimated by the parties. I just started working on my Blog and I didn't know a thing about Twitter parties. I had this blogger site for years but honestly I didn't know what to write about. Which is odd because I never shut up. 
     So after a couple of weeks and about half a dozen Twitter parties I won something but not something little but 11 gift bags with products from Simple Skincare. I had bought their wipes but was not familiar with the rest of the line. I had seen it but didn't try it. I have just started using my bag of Simple yesterday. I will review them after a week of use in another blog.
     Since then I have won $100 gift cards, a $25 giftcard, a $50 prize pack of Milk, gift baskets of makeup and Skincare. Personally the best parties I've been to were from a company called She Speaks. I won 3 months of magic nude foundation and some other great Loreal items. If you don't know I love makeup! I'm such a girly girl! Also from a separate party I won the complete line of Olay Fresh Effects Skincare and a $25 Walmart giftcard.  
     So how do I find out about these Twitter parties? I googled it and found a few bloggers that post or tweet about them. Also companies like She speaks, Influencer, Smiley 360
and major products companies sponcer them. Also I do tweet parties I'm attending so follow me at @Chidivaonadime on Twitter. Just remember to RSVP because most parties you need to do that prior to the chat starting! Hope to be Twitter Partying with you soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Puffs fresh faces: Product review

     I recently received a box of products from Puffs. This was their new line called Fresh Faces. They are face wipes made with natural saline. They are made of a strong tissue. I mean i was able to rub off a smokey eye and tons of mascara without ripping. These arent your average Puffs.
     My kit contained a full size box, 45ct of the lavender scented wipes. A 15ct travel pack of the original saline ones.  Two individual packs that are scented with Vicks. Also in the pack were two Boogie wipes which are for kids. So I wake up with dry eyes every morning that are painful.I usually need eye drops. Problems of an insomniacs.  Well I tried wiping my eyes in the morning with the Fresh Faces wipes. It helped a lot! I didnt even need eye drops after. I was able to wipe away the dryness and any little eye gunk I had. I loved the lavender scent ones at night to wipe my eyes before bed. Its very relaxing. The original worked well in the morning to wake me up. Also they worked great to remove makeup, including mascara.
     I tried the Vicks even though I didn't have a cold. I could see these being great during a cold season. The wetness would help when your nose gets that dry crunchy stuff you get. Yes I know gross. But hey it happens! And the Vicks helps clear out your nostrils.
     Lastly I received the Boogie wipes. My son is too told for these but I was able to try them on my girlfriends daughter. Most people use baby wipes to get rid of snots. But those are made of alcohol. This is made of saline so it is gentler on the babies skin. Plus they come scented in grape to help make them want to use them. I wish these were out when my son was a baby. He was always dripping. Lol
     In all I really like these products. I can't wait to see them in more stores. And even after the samples I received I plan to purchase more. These are a great price and an awesome product. Hope you enjoyed my little review.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Real Techniques makeup brushes review

     As part of a Klout Perk I received products from Real Techniques. I am going to have a girls night in with them but I decided to give my initial review of them. From the perk I received the blush brush, starter set 2.0 for the eyes, and core collection 2.0 for the face. Each and every brush has a nice weight to it very plush bristles. And the products are very inexpensive. I looked online and the starter set 2.0 was $18 at the time. Thats a great price for four brushes esp this quality. The four brushes you get in that set are a shadow brush, crease brush, brow brush, and an eyeliner brush. These worked great for applying my eyeshadow. I am not use to such a full crease brush but other then that I loved them.
     The core collection 2.0 was for the face. It included a foundation brush, buffing brush and a contour brush.  I personally use liquid and cream products on my face. I'm use to applying them with my fingertips. I did try the foundation brush and the contour brush. Those worked great for applying my foundation and highlighter. I did not use the buffing brush because I didn't have anything to buff. Lol! Lastly I used the blush brush. I used it to apply powder over my liquid foundation. I love this brush the size is great. Its very full and made for a quick application.
     Please note I will post more details after I host my girls night in. Thank you!