Monday, October 7, 2013

Real Techniques makeup brushes review

     As part of a Klout Perk I received products from Real Techniques. I am going to have a girls night in with them but I decided to give my initial review of them. From the perk I received the blush brush, starter set 2.0 for the eyes, and core collection 2.0 for the face. Each and every brush has a nice weight to it very plush bristles. And the products are very inexpensive. I looked online and the starter set 2.0 was $18 at the time. Thats a great price for four brushes esp this quality. The four brushes you get in that set are a shadow brush, crease brush, brow brush, and an eyeliner brush. These worked great for applying my eyeshadow. I am not use to such a full crease brush but other then that I loved them.
     The core collection 2.0 was for the face. It included a foundation brush, buffing brush and a contour brush.  I personally use liquid and cream products on my face. I'm use to applying them with my fingertips. I did try the foundation brush and the contour brush. Those worked great for applying my foundation and highlighter. I did not use the buffing brush because I didn't have anything to buff. Lol! Lastly I used the blush brush. I used it to apply powder over my liquid foundation. I love this brush the size is great. Its very full and made for a quick application.
     Please note I will post more details after I host my girls night in. Thank you!

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