Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skincare Sunday: Dec 1st

     As mentioned in a previous blog I'm going to talk about Skincare every Sunday! I do get a lot of complements on my skin. It's fairly clear. So what do I do to keep it that way? I wish I could say I don't sleep in my makeup but I am guilty at times.  At least after some cocktails and a night out I am;) I just try to clean my skin we'll daily and make up for the days I forget with extra cleaning.

     With the holidays coming up we all need a quick and easy way to remove makeup. No one wants to go to bed with a smoky eye and wake up looking like a raccoon. And trust me, I have been there and scared my family in the process. Well the best way to remove eye makeup especially mascara is with a good facial wipe. I've tried most brands and like the Simple Skincare best of all. Their wipes are very wet so you don't need a lot of rubbing to remove mascara. Personally I like their "cleansing" and "radiance" wipes best. Also I also use these wipes when I'm too tired to go thru all my steps of cleaning. At least if I remove most the dirt and makeup I feel better.

     So what are my steps of cleaning my face? I mean on those days I actually have the time. I use a facial wipe first to rub off my eye makeup. Even if I don't have much on I usually have mascara and these make it easier. Then I wash my face with a moisturizing facial wash. Right now that is Simple Skincare Moisturizing face wash. I switch between that and Olay Fresh Effects Bead me up face scrub. Why two? Well the Olay is a scrub and in the winter I get very dry skin. This helps peel off the dry skin without it being harsh. Then I just splash my face with cold water and pay dry. And I'm clean and fabolous.

 Skincare tip of the week:
For dry lips I make a scrub out of 2 tablespoons of sugar and olive oil. Just add enough to make it the consistency that you would like. I like mine gritty! Just mix up your scrub and rub on lips gently for a minute and rinse off. You can also use this mixture on ur hands or cuticles for dry skin.

Got a product you want to share? Just comment below and I will respond promptly. Thank you!

Tomorrow I will be talking about Makeup in my Makeup Monday blog. Hope you will stop in.


December Workout Challenge! 30 days!

     Ok so it's not workout Wednesday but tomorrow is the first of December.   Wanna look tone in your New Years Eve dress? I DO! Even if I'm staying home.
     Well join me! I am starting two different 30 day Challenges! One for your butt and one for your Abs! Do one or both. I will be trying both. And every Wed as part of Weightloss Wed I will check in an tell you all about my progress.
hope you do the same. Thank you!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Freeman beauty: Klout perk #MyMultiMask

     As a member of Klout I received a Klout perk from Freeman beauty, it was three packages of their facials. Cucumber facial peel off mask, Avocado & Oatmeal facial clay mask, and Charcoal and black sugar facial polishing mask were the three varieties. The idea of the #MymultiMask was to try different masks on different parts of your face. For example use one for oily skin on your Tzone and a renewal one on the rest of your face. 
     I seen so many good things about the Charcoal and black sugar facial polishing mask that I tried that on it's own. It won an award thru Allure magazine even. So I wanted to see how good it is... I have to say my face felt amazing after it! My skin was softer then it felt in a long time and even my dry areas felt great. I will be picking up a large size bottle soon. Yes it's that good.
     I did avocado and oatmeal mask with the cucumber mask. I used the avocado mask on my Tzone and the cucumber mask on the rest of my face and neck. I am not a fan of the peel off masks but I did like how my skin look and feel after. It did leave me a little pink for about an hour after. So I would do this the night before or the morning of a important night out. This time of year, winter my skin tends to be drier so I should have done the cucumber mask with the charcoal facial. But in the end they all worked well. And I love the #mymulitmask idea. It let's you customize your problem areas. And at under $2 a mask that is a great deal!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Getting free stuff 101

     Now I wanna save all my Divas time and money so I'm going to let you in on the companies I get free products from. Now it's not gonna cost you money but it may cost you a little time. Most companies send me free products to test however I do have to usually fill out a survey or write a short review. But it's not hard and all it cost nothing. Plus a lot of sites you can get to on a smartphone. So when you are at dentist waiting on your child or at their soccer practice. You can do the survey.
     The companies I've worked with, or have tried are Vocal Point, Smiley 360, Influenster, Crowdtap, Buzzagent, and She Speaks. Now I have only been with most of these companies three months or less.  I have been with them a couple of months. I have responded to a couple of topics just to get a feel about the company. So far I've received two different promos. I have gotten a couple of boxes of root touch up hair color. And I was able to try and received before it came out 2 full size products of the new Secret Clinical Strength deodorants. I have been offered a couple of promos with them that I didn't accept. Due to them being a topic I wasn't that familiar with. But the two that I did so far were for Greenies dental chews for dogs and Airborne gummys. Both were full size products! So far I have to say I'm not sure I'm doing this site correctly. I've earned the badges, which means doing surveys and reviews. However, I haven't qualified for a box. I also have done four Twitter parties and didn't qualify with that either. So at the moment I'm not sure how I feel about recommending this company but if you have the time it doesn't hurt to join.  It does involve a lot of time on their site "tapping", sending pictures of items and joining in discussions. But every month you can earn gift cards. In the three months I was with them I product tested two foods and won 3 gift cards of $5 each!

     I actually recommend getting Klout as I stated in other blogs! It's free and so far I've earned 5 perks. Two bottles of Vita Frute, Real techniques makeup brushes, Blowfish for hangovers, Freeman facial masks and Ricola. And with Klout all you do is sign up your social media accounts. No surveys or anything!  
     Hopefully this will save my Divas some time and you will earn some free stuff for yourself. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Airborne: My wintertime product review

     I received a free bottle of Airborne from Smiley 360 for reviewing their product! The product I got was in the form of a gummy. Which is great, no water needed! The three flavors in the jar are citrus, mixed berry, and grapefruit. They all have a tangy sour flavor. But not too sour.
     Now why is Airborne great? It comes in 3 great ways to take them. Gummy, chewable, and effervescent! Plus it boosts your immune system. And eating 3 gummies is a lot easier then taking a huge vitamin C pill to get my 1000mg. Especially during the busy holiday season. My son who is 14 tried and loved the gummies so I will be buying more. He could use all the immune support he can get but can't we all?😊 Thank you for stopping by and checkin out my review.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength in 2 new secret formulas

     As a member of Vocalpoint I received two of the newest Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant/ deodorants. They are the invisable solid and the clear gel. Both came in the "Completly clean" scent.  The scent is a clean,fresh scent with a hint of floral. It's great, not over powering! 
     I have to say I usually buy solid deodorants but I got both to try. Both worked well! I am currently on a medication that leaves me sweaty. I mean wet underarm stain sweaty. Ok I know! A little too much info. But before the meds I would use any deodorant because I wasn't really sweating. Even when I hit the gym it wasn't a big deal. Now that it really matters I use the Secret clinical strength and I stayed dry. All day without unsightly stains. It's amazing! I never thought of trying "Clinical strength" but now it's the only brand I'll be using.
     Now on to the two types I received, the gel and the solid. Like I said earlier I do prefer the feel of the solid. But the gel is an invisable gel so it's great for those little black dresses. Personally I plan on haveing the solid as my day to day product. And on weekends or when I wear something such as a black top or tank I will be using the gel! The both have their place in my bathroom. Lol! So Look for it in stores in Jan 2014! Smooches

Monday, November 4, 2013

Simple Skincare: My experiences with the line

     It seems I keep blogging about health and beauty lines. Honestly, that wasn't my intention to talk only about those products but it happened. Hey I'm a girly girl who loves makeup πŸ’…πŸ’†πŸ’„πŸ’Ž
     So what am I talking about now?Simple Skincare, which I won gift bags of from a Twitter party.Simple Skincare is a fairly new line. I did own two of their packs of facial wipes before winning a gift bags. So I now own three different types of the Simple Skincare wipes, exfoliating, cleansing, and radiance. The Exfoliating wipes were my least favorite of the three. They are a little too rough for my eye area. I did like using them on my forehead that seems to get dry especially in the fall winter. But even on my cheeks they seemed a little too rough after I applied pressure. The cleansing and radiance wipes are similar in texture, however different in formula. The cleaning ones are for exactly that, cleaning your face. They are great for makeup removal EVEN mascara. They are very moistened so you don't have to rub hard to remove it either. Now on to the Radiance, it does everything the cleaning wipes do. Plus has ingredients that leave your skin luminous. I feel that it's almost a creamier or moisturizing formula on this product. So out of the three the Radiance was my favorite. 
     Every girl needs a good face wash and in the fall and winter moisturizing is most important. Simple makes a moisturizing face wash. It's leaves your so soft, and has a great scent. Personally I wipe off my eye makeup with the Radiance facial wipes. Then I was my face with the moisturizing face wash. I get off all my makeup even my smokey eye look in a couple of minutes. And I'm left with clean, soft skin.
     The final product I tried was the moisturizer. This was included in the gift bag. The moisturizer was light weight and absorbed quickly. It did work fine. However, for my skin this time of year I need a heavier moisturizer. This would be a product I can see myself using in Spring and Summer months. 
     But over all Simple Skincare is a great line. I do not have sensitivity to skin care products but I do have picky skin. Meanin a few products still irritate me. And I had no problems with the Simple line as far as any irritation. I will be recommending this line especially the face wash and Radiance wipes. My way to clean soft winter skin. 
Thanks for stopping by and reading my babbleπŸ’‹