Thursday, November 7, 2013

Secret Clinical Strength in 2 new secret formulas

     As a member of Vocalpoint I received two of the newest Secret Clinical Strength antiperspirant/ deodorants. They are the invisable solid and the clear gel. Both came in the "Completly clean" scent.  The scent is a clean,fresh scent with a hint of floral. It's great, not over powering! 
     I have to say I usually buy solid deodorants but I got both to try. Both worked well! I am currently on a medication that leaves me sweaty. I mean wet underarm stain sweaty. Ok I know! A little too much info. But before the meds I would use any deodorant because I wasn't really sweating. Even when I hit the gym it wasn't a big deal. Now that it really matters I use the Secret clinical strength and I stayed dry. All day without unsightly stains. It's amazing! I never thought of trying "Clinical strength" but now it's the only brand I'll be using.
     Now on to the two types I received, the gel and the solid. Like I said earlier I do prefer the feel of the solid. But the gel is an invisable gel so it's great for those little black dresses. Personally I plan on haveing the solid as my day to day product. And on weekends or when I wear something such as a black top or tank I will be using the gel! The both have their place in my bathroom. Lol! So Look for it in stores in Jan 2014! Smooches

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