Monday, February 23, 2009

Brown Bag Party~Chicago Style~Into about me

Well a little bit about myself.... I am a 29 y/o single mother from Chicago. I was looking for a great way to make some extra money and work from home. Candles? Avon? Tupperware?..NAW I have seen so many friends of mine try those and fail. I decided to go with a company that everyone, 18 and up can enjoy. So I joined a company called Brown Bag Party, in my opinion THE BEST Adult toy company around!OK I am a little partial because I work for them. But Ive researched other companies and BBP is the best. Our prices are lower and we give double the hostess credits if you throw a party with us!...And if you wanna know about how to become a representative I can help with that! And the best part is since Im new at this too! We can learn together!

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