Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tweeting really does pay off: I got my first Klout Perk!

     For those who don't know me and just stumbled across my blog. I am an average woman who got into social media to help a friend promote their business...Now three years later I no longer promote much but I still Tweet my butt off. Why is Twitter so addicting to me? Well I can babble about whatever I choose. I feel if I did that on Facebook my family and close friends would think I'm nuts. Lol!..But they know I never shut up.
     So now about the cool things that come to those who tweet. However, I dont just Tweet. I also have a Foursquare, Tumbler, Instagram and this blogger account. YES I don't shut up. Because of having all these accounts I have a high Klout number. For those who dont know Klout measures your influence online. Its a website you link all your social media accounts to and and they come up with a figure..Personally I think I'm a normal person and wouldn't have much influence. But I was wrong or at least Klout says I do? :) Because of my Klout number Ive earned Klout perks. My first one was from the Veev sprit company. My perk was 2 bottles of Vita Frute Cocktails. One Lemonade and one Cosmo. Yes free cocktails. *happy dance* I couldn't believed when I saw it 2 full size bottles! I can't wait to try them this weekend with my girlfriends.
     So how do you earn great stuff like this? Set up a Klout account, link all your social media accounts to it. Then just tweet about what you like. There is almost always someone who will agree with you or like the same things. I've even made some great friends through Twitter. And if I can get perks so can you. Good luck everyone and happy Tweeting.
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