Monday, January 12, 2015

Summer Sun in the middle of Winter: Glow 2 Go review and Giveaway

Glow 2 Go

As some of you may know I have VERY pale skin in the winter. My Mother is fair skinned with blond hair and blue eyes, and my Dad the opposite. He has the olive skin and dark features. So I have Moms skin and Dads dark hair. Id make a great Goth girl.

 Every Winter I have pale pasty skin. I use to tan at a salon but I don't have the time. So when I found out I can test Therma Labs new Glow 2 Go towelettes at home, I was excited and a bit nervous. I have become streaky and orange from other tanners.  But after seeing that its the Number 1 brand on Amazon. I felt relieved.  Especially after hearing they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That is how confident they are you will love them. I did! 

What makes Glow 2 Go a Winter Must have?

It works great! A package contains 20 half body towels, instead of 10 full size. That means you get more bang for your buck. Not everyone wants a full body application especially in the Winter. I usually want just legs or just arms. So how did it do? Great! I had a nice tan after one use. I am currently trying my second one in the morning. The towels worked great I will be posting extra photos in this blog later this week. But I want to share the giveaway Asap. 

Glow 2 Go Giveaway!

Contains: 1  full size package of Glow 2 Go: 20 count

Don't wanna wait for the contest to end. Pick up Glow 2 go at:

*Disclosure: I received this product for testing purposes. However, the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. I would want to go somewhere like Bora Bora. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love the beaches right here on Long Island! I'd give anything to be laying out on one of them but it's 25 degrees out right now!!

  3. I would go somewhere warm! Oregon beaches r cold! Jamaica, Hawaii Puerto Rico... anywhere really!