Saturday, November 30, 2013

Skincare Sunday: Dec 1st

     As mentioned in a previous blog I'm going to talk about Skincare every Sunday! I do get a lot of complements on my skin. It's fairly clear. So what do I do to keep it that way? I wish I could say I don't sleep in my makeup but I am guilty at times.  At least after some cocktails and a night out I am;) I just try to clean my skin we'll daily and make up for the days I forget with extra cleaning.

     With the holidays coming up we all need a quick and easy way to remove makeup. No one wants to go to bed with a smoky eye and wake up looking like a raccoon. And trust me, I have been there and scared my family in the process. Well the best way to remove eye makeup especially mascara is with a good facial wipe. I've tried most brands and like the Simple Skincare best of all. Their wipes are very wet so you don't need a lot of rubbing to remove mascara. Personally I like their "cleansing" and "radiance" wipes best. Also I also use these wipes when I'm too tired to go thru all my steps of cleaning. At least if I remove most the dirt and makeup I feel better.

     So what are my steps of cleaning my face? I mean on those days I actually have the time. I use a facial wipe first to rub off my eye makeup. Even if I don't have much on I usually have mascara and these make it easier. Then I wash my face with a moisturizing facial wash. Right now that is Simple Skincare Moisturizing face wash. I switch between that and Olay Fresh Effects Bead me up face scrub. Why two? Well the Olay is a scrub and in the winter I get very dry skin. This helps peel off the dry skin without it being harsh. Then I just splash my face with cold water and pay dry. And I'm clean and fabolous.

 Skincare tip of the week:
For dry lips I make a scrub out of 2 tablespoons of sugar and olive oil. Just add enough to make it the consistency that you would like. I like mine gritty! Just mix up your scrub and rub on lips gently for a minute and rinse off. You can also use this mixture on ur hands or cuticles for dry skin.

Got a product you want to share? Just comment below and I will respond promptly. Thank you!

Tomorrow I will be talking about Makeup in my Makeup Monday blog. Hope you will stop in.


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