Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Airborne: My wintertime product review

     I received a free bottle of Airborne from Smiley 360 for reviewing their product! The product I got was in the form of a gummy. Which is great, no water needed! The three flavors in the jar are citrus, mixed berry, and grapefruit. They all have a tangy sour flavor. But not too sour.
     Now why is Airborne great? It comes in 3 great ways to take them. Gummy, chewable, and effervescent! Plus it boosts your immune system. And eating 3 gummies is a lot easier then taking a huge vitamin C pill to get my 1000mg. Especially during the busy holiday season. My son who is 14 tried and loved the gummies so I will be buying more. He could use all the immune support he can get but can't we all?😊 Thank you for stopping by and checkin out my review.

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