Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Puffs fresh faces: Product review

     I recently received a box of products from Puffs. This was their new line called Fresh Faces. They are face wipes made with natural saline. They are made of a strong tissue. I mean i was able to rub off a smokey eye and tons of mascara without ripping. These arent your average Puffs.
     My kit contained a full size box, 45ct of the lavender scented wipes. A 15ct travel pack of the original saline ones.  Two individual packs that are scented with Vicks. Also in the pack were two Boogie wipes which are for kids. So I wake up with dry eyes every morning that are painful.I usually need eye drops. Problems of an insomniacs.  Well I tried wiping my eyes in the morning with the Fresh Faces wipes. It helped a lot! I didnt even need eye drops after. I was able to wipe away the dryness and any little eye gunk I had. I loved the lavender scent ones at night to wipe my eyes before bed. Its very relaxing. The original worked well in the morning to wake me up. Also they worked great to remove makeup, including mascara.
     I tried the Vicks even though I didn't have a cold. I could see these being great during a cold season. The wetness would help when your nose gets that dry crunchy stuff you get. Yes I know gross. But hey it happens! And the Vicks helps clear out your nostrils.
     Lastly I received the Boogie wipes. My son is too told for these but I was able to try them on my girlfriends daughter. Most people use baby wipes to get rid of snots. But those are made of alcohol. This is made of saline so it is gentler on the babies skin. Plus they come scented in grape to help make them want to use them. I wish these were out when my son was a baby. He was always dripping. Lol
     In all I really like these products. I can't wait to see them in more stores. And even after the samples I received I plan to purchase more. These are a great price and an awesome product. Hope you enjoyed my little review.

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