Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IPhone Vs Galaxy: A Non-techies review!

     Let me first say that I do love new phones, tablets and the latest technology. But when it comes to reviews I get lost in them. Snapdragon, gingerbread, a processor with numbers as confusing as pi. 3.14159 bet you didn't know I could remember that! Haha! But in all seriousness I just wanna know will it do what I need to. And I don't mean just calls and text. If that was the case we would all still have those sturdy Nokia phones we had ten years ago. 
     So what do I need a phone to do for me? EVERYTHING! I mean if it could cook dinner I'd marry it. Ok single girl problem. Lol! But in all seriousness I need a phone to take pictures, hold all the apps I need and there are a lot. Plus not freeze up when I'm doing multiple tasks. Don't get me wrong I've never met a phone I couldn't freeze up at least occasionally. I multitask like crazy. My phone needs to move as fast as my brain. Which some days feels like it has ADD. Texting and all of a sudden I forgot to Tweet something or oh crap I didn't publish my blog. Hey it happens! Plus the things I do on my phone via the internet. I need to have a way to be on a desktop site through my phone. I have written my blog via my phone and even done my Taxes. Yes I did have good security program and my laptop was broke. So any port in a storm. So I need a phone to do it all. Plus I have six email addresses, four Twitter accounts, three Instagram accounts, two Tumblrs, four Facebook fan pages, two Pintrest accounts and access to four personal Facebook accounts. If your wondering why so much. My brother isn't as tech savvy as myself so I tend to help him with his sites. 
     At this point your wondering what phones I've had to be able to do these things? In the last few years I've had the Samsung Epic, IPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3. Currently I have an IPhone 5. The phone I had the longest and wish I still had was an The Galaxy S3. It broke about 3 weeks ago and I was given an IPhone by a friend. I needed something to hold me over til after the holidays. I'm a single Mom so unless Santa wants to bring me a Galaxy 10.1 tab or a Note 3 I'm stuck in an Apple world til March. Yes I know there are millions of IPhone fans however I am not one of them. Most apps you can get for both Apple and android, things like Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest. What I did notice that some apps are better on different operating systems! Like Blogger I can write my blog via either phone. But with the IOS (IPhone) system I can only post via Google+ I don't even use google plus! I have it, just to have. That was a major downer because it takes forever for me to post now. I also ran into this sharing photos from Facebook. It can't just be a couple of clicks to share. Also the two apps I use to edit pictures and make collages don't allow for as detailed edits on the IOS system. Also the Twitter app lags more on IOS. Finally my biggest problem is going on websites thru my phone. And getting in desktop mode via my phone was amazingly easy with my Galaxy phones. I mean a lot of times sites like Twitter will post a link to Facebook. When I get there all I find is page not found. However on the Galaxy when this would happen I'd click the desktop button, POOF the page would reload and everything I need would be there.I do have to note I'm on the Sprint network in Chicago, where it's 4G LTE too. And for ppl like me that means fast internet😊
     Now I know Apple tried to to compete with Android with it's IOS7 update that included Multiscreen and other bells and whistles that are available to android people. But in all honestly I didn't use them on my Galaxy either. I do have to admit I do like the IMessage on my IPhone but with like only 5 people who have it. That's not something I need. Plus with BBM available to everyone you can have a similar experience. So basically if you use your phone to do multitask I'd go with the Galaxy family. I can't wait to get back to mine. You hear that Santa? Thanks for reading my babble💋

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