Sunday, October 27, 2013

Truvia: product review

     I received 2 sample packets of Truvia to Test for a company called Crowdtap. For those who don't know Truvia is a sugar substitute. And if you didn't know I'm currently dieting so this was a great opportunity for me to try something I can use. I mean I love sugar but don't need all the extra calories. 
     Since I'm not familiar with the taste I decided to test it in my morning coffee! The other packet went to my best friend who is an avid coffee drinker but uses another sugar substitute. So how did the Truvia stand up?
     I tried Truvia in my morning coffee. I did need both packets to sweeten my coffee. But the coffee tasted great! I have tried a few other brands of sugar substitute and I find this to not have an odd aftertaste like some. So I guess you can say I'm sold on a new Sugar substitute. Thanks for reading my Babble and have a nice day!

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