Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twitter Parties: Been there done that and won!

   Lately I've keep getting the question of how do keep earning free stuff? Well if you read my previous blog I decided to try my hand at Twitter parties. For those who don't know what that is: it's a chat on Twitter, usually lasting an hour. Most have prizes. Some range from gift cards to gifts from the sponcers of the event. 
  At first I was intimated by the parties. I just started working on my Blog and I didn't know a thing about Twitter parties. I had this blogger site for years but honestly I didn't know what to write about. Which is odd because I never shut up. 
     So after a couple of weeks and about half a dozen Twitter parties I won something but not something little but 11 gift bags with products from Simple Skincare. I had bought their wipes but was not familiar with the rest of the line. I had seen it but didn't try it. I have just started using my bag of Simple yesterday. I will review them after a week of use in another blog.
     Since then I have won $100 gift cards, a $25 giftcard, a $50 prize pack of Milk, gift baskets of makeup and Skincare. Personally the best parties I've been to were from a company called She Speaks. I won 3 months of magic nude foundation and some other great Loreal items. If you don't know I love makeup! I'm such a girly girl! Also from a separate party I won the complete line of Olay Fresh Effects Skincare and a $25 Walmart giftcard.  
     So how do I find out about these Twitter parties? I googled it and found a few bloggers that post or tweet about them. Also companies like She speaks, Influencer, Smiley 360
and major products companies sponcer them. Also I do tweet parties I'm attending so follow me at @Chidivaonadime on Twitter. Just remember to RSVP because most parties you need to do that prior to the chat starting! Hope to be Twitter Partying with you soon.

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