Saturday, October 26, 2013

Loreal Magic Nude review and other Loreal products I won!

During a recent Twitter party I won three months of Magic Nude foundation from Loreal and She Speaks. Yes that's 3 bottles of foundation! Also in my prize pack was Voluminous Million Lashes mascara, Colour Riche Le gloss lip gloss,  Colour Riche eye shadow quad, and two nail colors.
     Well as you may know I'm huge on Makeup so this was an awesome prize. And I love Loreal! So what did I think about the Magic Nude liquid powder foundation? I loved it! It does what it says it goes on when and drys like a powder. I didn't even need to put any powder on after if was done. Which is what I normally do. On days that I don't wanna put on my makeup. I just apply this and a little concealer and go! My skin looks flawless! I get so many complements on my skin. It's a great feeling! And I'm honest with people and say thank you but it's all makeup lol. 
     Now on to the makeup. The eyeshadow I was given was the Blue Haute Couture from the Colour Riche line. It's a high pigment line from Loreal which I haven't tried til now. At first I looked at it like it's green and blue. I wasn't sure how that would look on me. I have hazel eyes and fair skin. I knew the green would be ok but wasn't sure about the blue. I don't normally wear blue eyeshadow. But since the kit is made to go together. I decided why not! And I have to say it looked GREAT! And I was worried! 
     Now on to the mascara. I have to admit there are a million mascaras in my makeup bag. I never find one I like. And some have cost me over $20 a tube. So what did I think of Voluminous Million lashes? It really does seperate your lashes! I have long lashes but when I put on mascara I always look like I have like a dozen lashes. This product separated them. I even used it on my bottom lashes. I rarely use mascara there because it normally looks clumpy. This didn't!
     So I also received the Color Riche Le gloss in clear. It had a great vanilla smell and left my lips looking glossy. Speaking of glossy so was the Loreal nail color. Usually I need a top coat to make my nails look glossy. But this had it built in.
     In all I loved all the products! Thank you She Speaks and Loreal. I also posted a pic of the makeup done. I used all the products listed! However, being new to the IPhone the pic is a lil heavy on the flash. But trust me this looked great! I just wish I didn't waste looking this fabulous on staying at home. Lol! Thank you for stopping by and reading my babble!  

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