Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beautonics Derma Roller Review

When I was asked to review the Derma Roller. I was not sure what one was. I know you use it on your skin but that was about all I knew. So what is it? Its a roller for your skin that has mini needles. The idea of that did frighten me a bit. But when I read an article in Shape magazine recently I was sold. I use the derma roller each night. I then apply night cream or serum, depending if I feel dry skin. After about a month of using it I do see a difference in my skin. It isn,t dry and it seems to glow almost. I would recommend this derma roller to anyone who is looking to change their skin texture. I forgot the best part of that article? The Derma roller they recommended cost $300 this one is a lot cheaper. 

Some great uses for the derma roller:

- Scar removal including acne scars 
- Stretch Mark removal 
- Wrinkle removal/reduction 
- Cellulite reduction 
- Large Pore reduction 
- Hair Loss restoration 
- Hyper-Pigmentation treatment

Wanna get your own?

*I received this product for review purposes but the opinions are that of my own*


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