Friday, May 2, 2014

Fabulous and fatigued: Under 35 and living with Fibromyalgia

     If your wondering where I've been. Ive been having a Fibromyalgia flare up. For those who don't know. Almost a year ago I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia at the age of 33. I had fallen and started having pain. However, I thought the Doctor was wrong. How could I being so young have this disease? Especially after reading the symptoms, I thought that cant be me.  I just have back pain but as I paid more and more attention to my body I noticed I had quite a lot of the symptoms. As time progressed so did my symptoms. I went from pain to insomnia to chronic pain to hair loss and just hurting all over.
     I think the biggest misconception is people say is: "well you look ok". Of course I do! Its not like Fibro is a rash everyone can see. Its inside your body, which makes some people doubt the severity. At least for me on a bad day. It hurts worst then the 2 days of labor I was in for my son. Trust me its that BAD!!!
     Whats worst is I have lost touch with many friends because I was embarrassed to tell them how bad it was. I mean before the Fibro I was out every weekend being a social butterfly then the fibro came and I became a recluse.  Of course my financial situation didnt help either. But now that Im starting to, realize Im stuck with the Fibro I guess I'll just have to change how I live differently.
     Im just having a hard time with the way people see me. I even had one Doctor tell me I must be better then I let on because I was wearing makeup. I felt pain that day but I was had a mild amount so I did my makeup. What takes me 5 minutes would take others 20. I've been doing it for years so I can do it quickly. And once in a while its nice to try and fix yourself up. Sheesh! Of course by the end of the day because of that trip to the Doctor, I was in bed with horrible pain.
    As far as my outlook on getting better? I'm impatient as they come. And nothing is working but hopefully soon something will work. I try and be optimistic at least that's what Im going to say to the public. Ok Ive babbled enough for everyone.  Hope you enjoyed a little insite into my world.

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