Saturday, February 8, 2014

Skin And co: Truffle Therapy Line

     The people of Skin & Co were nice enough to let me try their new line of anti-aging products before they hit the market. It is known as the New Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Skin and Body Care line. Skin & Co used luxurious Umbrian truffles for this line. Yes rare Italian Truffles plus hyluronic acid, shea butter, argan Oil and panthenol in these new products. So what does all that do you may ask? I know I did... It neutralizes free radicals, that lead to age damage and wrinkles. Also it repairs past damage and stops future damage to your skin.

     The products I received are Truffle therapy face cream and truffle therapy serum for the face. They also make gommage and a cleansing foam as part of the anti-aging skincare line.  For their body care line I was sent Truffle Therapy body gel and body milk.

     Truffle Therapy Face Cream ($68.00) is proof that sometimes us divas should splurge on our skin. It stimulates the production of Superoxide Dismutase, which destroys free radicals and has an anti-aging effect. It also prevents UVA- UVB damage and helps with skins elasticity, for firmer and softer skin.

    Truffle Therapy Serum ($75.00) this plumps up your skin and fights off damage from free radicals. Infused with Tuber Melanosporum, a truffle extract that helps with production of Superoxide Dismutase. This is basically a fountain of youth in a tube.

     The body care line was something Ive never tried before. The truffle therapy body gel ($9.00-$18.50) helps with the antiaging aspect of your skin. The gel left my skin soft with a tightening feel. The Truffle Body Milk ($11.00-$35.00) was amazing. I loved it because it was thin yet still left me feeling soft. I didnt need a goopy thick lotion to feel good.  I liked the body line but loved the skin care line for my face.

One of my favorite aspects of the Truffle therapy line is: After I apply it, not only do I notice the tightening feeling in my skin skin. I can see my pores are visible smaller, and thats a great for any age. I have to say I usually go for a little cheaper products but this is your skin and thats important! So splurge on the things that matter;)

     So does this line sound like something you would like to try? You can find it at QVC, Henri Bendel, Fred Segal,, Amazon beauty, &


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