Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3- Your day

     Im not sure how much detail im going to go in. I had a problem with my phone and took the whole night to fix. So Im a day late. Well Monday I went to my Doctor whos in downtown Chicago. I wont go into details but he left me feeling hopeful about my pain. After that I stopped at Gharets and picked up popcorn. If you live in Chicago you know the Chicago mix is awesome. If your not from Chicago, Chicago mix is cheese and caramel popcorn. And theirs is the best.
     After coming home I napped, helped with algebra homework and ate dinner. Dinner was leftover chili. I also got a new phone. Its an LG G2. I hate it and im probably getting the Galaxy S5 when it comes out :) The problem I had was the phone didnt activate right and I had net but no calls and texts. And it was after business hours. But I did manage to fix it. Well that was my Monday.

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