Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 2 Blog a day: 10 likes and 10 dislikes

1- Long hair on women
2- Johnnies Italian Beef in Elmwood park
3- Staycations in Chicago
4- Stilettos even though I can't wear them bc of my back.
5- MAC makeup still my fave.
6- Hennessy Black
7- guys with nice eyes and nice lips
8- Cop shows especially Chicago PD
9- Chicago Fire
10- I love watching sports especially Football!

10 Dislikes:
1- Liver even with lemon I hate it!
2- snow and cold weather.
3- waking up early
4- Running. I like to workout but hate running.
5- Folding laundry. I love to wash but hate to fold it!
6- I hate bland food. I love spice.
7- Fergies music.
8- cuddling, unless I really like you. 
9- eating dinner early.
10- the Greenbay Packers. Hate them go Bears!

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