Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 1- Blog a day challenge

     Day 1- Write some basic things about yourself.

     Well I'm a 34 year old single mom of a 14 year old son. I got into blogging when I realized I was going to be out of work for a while. I'm out due to a back problem. I have always been into social media but now more so. I needed to find something to do when I'm stuck in bed due to the pain. My favorite items to win or test are health and beauty. I love make up and hair care!
     Besides a son I have two dogs who I love. Pierre and Hercules are my fur babies, however, they live on separate floors. Peeper as we call him isn't friendly so they have to live apart. Both are rescue dogs.
     Currently I'm dieting because I gained 50lbs due to meds and not being able to workout. I started dieting in Jan and I'm already 10lbs down. If I'm ever cleared to workout I can lose weight faster. I can't wait til that day.
     I also consider myself a foodie. I love to cook, bake and even can mix a mean drink. Lol! I love to find new ideas on Pinterist. My favorite thing is baking even thought I shouldn't eat it. We'll I guess that's enough babbling about me. Talk to you soon💋

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