Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Workout New Year Edition 2015 *Repost*

     As you may know I tried this challenge last year. However, due to many factors I stopped on the 9th or 10th day. But it is a New Year and the Number 1 Resolution is weight loss I'm trying it again. I'm not going to give you the "New Year New me" speech! But it's a great time to start the Challenge! Especially since the Ab challenge is little hard to read, so starting on the first day is easier!
I did choose these challenge because of the gradual increase. Which should help us both.
I also picked these challenges because you get a day off every 4 days which is about when I really need it! Of course with all workout plans ask your Doctor first! But if he/she says it's ok! Join me! I personally won't be posting before and after pictures but I will give a weekly progress report! 

     *I also installed two new apps to help with dieting from the Play Store (I currently have an Android) 30 Day Fitness Challenges and joined Spark People. The 30 day Squats is available in the challenge app. The nice part is it will give you reminders to do your squats. They also have abs and other area challenges like abs and Cardio.

Good Luck to anyone trying the weight loss, maintain their weight, or just live a healthy lifestyle in the land of fast food!

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