Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weight loss Wednesday: Apps for your phone! BlogADay Jan 8 2014!

     As everyone is going full force into their resolution. I am going about a quarter the speed. Why? Well the day after the start of the New Year I went to see a new Doctor for my back. Well after a full physical I was in pain. Today is the first day I feel well enough to start back with the challenge. I have downloaded the "Lose It" app and "Fit bit" both work well! I don't have products to work with either app yet. So my suggestion is to use whichever you have a product for.
     However, if your like me and don't have a band or matching scale. I'd say download both ad see what works better for you. I do have to say that the LOSE IT  application does offer challenges and even prizes. This is through an offer with Panera Bread. I signed up for it! Prizes include items that work with the app. Good luck everyone no matter what you choose to use to lose! 

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