Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thirsty Thursday! Blog a day Jan 2nd 2014!

     Ok so it's Thirsty Thursday! I will be discussing drinks. But both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks especially since I can't drink at the moment due to meds.
     I am going to let you in on the best money saving secret, when it comes to drinking. I am a vodka drinker and usually my preference is Ciroc or Effin. Well at $30+ a bottle I was looking for a cheap alternative for parties. Especially if your having a lot of guests, who do drink. It's New Amsterdam vodka. Yes the GIN company.
     I have tried both the Peach and the Berry flavors. They also have a cocoanut flavor that I haven't tried. Those are all flavors that other premium vodkas comes in. So what makes this vodka so good? It's as smooth as a premium brand. However, you won't have sticker shock. It's about $12 a bottle. I always drink it with a mixer. I'm not sure how good it is straight but it's great with lemonade, punch or another mixer. This is also great for parties. Make a punch and add this for a kick. Hope this saves all you divas some money on your holiday parties.

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