Monday, January 6, 2014

Makeup Monday: Jan 6th 2014 BlogADay

     As most of you know I'm a makeup addict! However, due to my current medical issues I can run out to my MAC store and spend a couple hundred dollars like I've done years ago. Which is good news for you! Bargain products with high end results! I mean who doesn't want that? One of my favorite looks for a night out is a smokey eye. Usually I do it with shades of Grey. And no I don't mean the book;) Mmm Christian Grey. Anyway, back to makeup. I purchased L'Oreal Studio Secrets in Blackened Smokes. 

     Its a quad that has four shades of Grey. Its even numbered and there is a diagram on the back to help. Im pretty confident in my application skills but it was great help for a friend of mine who doesn't wear makeup.The quality of the make up was great. It was higher pigment then I'd expect from a drug store brand. The look was great. I can't believe it was only $5.97! I enclosed an after picture with liner and lashes added.

 *Makeup Monday tip of the day: If you want to make makeup last all night or brighten up the color. Use a primer. For good cheap brands I recommend Rimmel called "Exaggerate". 

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