Saturday, September 21, 2013

Twitter Parties: My initial take on them

     As some of you know I'm a Twitter addict. Yes, I'll admit it! I feel free to say what I want there...In 140 characters or less. Lol! That's an amazing feat for me. As you may know I tend to talk a lot. Or as I call it Beba babble (Beba is my nickname fyi)
     So this week I decided to try my hand at Twitter parties. Sounds like a great idea. I interact and answer questions for major companies and earn prizes. I was so excited. My goal was 2 parties. I liles them so much I did 5. I am out of work and have the time.I won't mention the companies I did them for. But they were of a varied subject matter. I did technology, skin care, family, and household products.  However, I didn't win a prize. Maybe I went into it thinking I'm for sure to win a prize. Which was a bad idea! I'm there for the interaction, fun, helpful tips and meeting new Tweeps. Yes I call my twitter friends I'm gonna continue to try these Twitter parties and hopefully do a little better in the prize category. If I find any ideas or tips I will share them with you.
     However, if your asking about how I was invited or became aware of these parties. Some I was invited via websites like Influencer or Vocal point (I am a fairly new member of both) Others where posted on the companies Twitter page or Facebook pages. And lastly you can always just use your old friend Google to find out where all us cool kids are hanging out. I did.Good luck everyone with Twitter parties. And if any one has any tips I'd love to hear and share them.

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