Monday, June 24, 2013

New Studio!

    So if you were wondering why I haven't posted many pieces of jewelry on Etsy?...I have a ton of earrings but its pretty time consuming to take the pictures. Who would have thought I'd find that the hardest part of the creative process? But I'm not being lazy by all means I remade all my earrings with sterling silver earwires.Per a suggestion by another Etsy member.
    And when I wasn't busy with that I was turning my basement into a mini studio. I'd prefer something cute in Bucktown. But this will do for now.  Oh and celebrating my child's 8th grade Graduation. Yay!..So there is a major overhaul at Chicago Diva On A Dime going on.  Cant wait to take pictures of my new studio. And of course take more pictures of my fabulous jewelry. Thanks for reading my Babble!

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