Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beauty Bargain Number 1! Yes and under $3.

To start out my beauty bargain blog. I'm gonna start with this hidden jem. Its St Ives apricot scrub. I recommend the original for face and body use. Not only is this a great scrub for your face but I use it on my body too. Try it on your legs before you shave to get rid of the dead skin. Make sure you wash it all off before you shave...Just don't rub to hard :O Its great for that shower before a hot date or even a trip to the beach. You don't wanna show everyone that layer of dead skin at the beach? Lol. I've used many more expensive scrubs but I love the grainy texture it has and its only around $3 its a Beauty bargin for the Diva On A Dime. Wanna save money on your jewelry too? Check out my shop on Etsy

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